Our Values

Some Of Our Values

Quality of life: Residents quality of life comes first in everything that we do. We fully and positively involve our residents, our team, residents’ families, (and healthcare professionals as appropriate) to ensure the closest working partnership.

Kind and Meaningful Relationships: This is at the heart of everything we do. We value every person, whether a resident, their family or a member of the team. We respect people’s aspirations, priorities and wishes and take seriously what people say to ensure that that people’s experience’ is fulfilling.

Understanding: We maximise resources for the benefit of the community of residents and ensure everyone is included.

Spontaneity: We also firmly believe in ensuring plenty of fun variety and spontaneity is enjoyed by those who want to join in activities as much as they wish with the aim of helping to relieve boredom, loneliness and/or helplessness. By focusing upon the ‘lived’ experience’ of each day, residents and staff may feel fulfilled, valued and loved.

Kindness: We strive to earn the trust placed in us is honoured and met with kindness, robustness and responsiveness, especially to ensure the essential elements of high-quality care can be safely relied upon. We also encourage and welcome continuous timely feedback from residents, families, our team and the public which we use to improve the quality of life and care we provide and to help build on our successes.

Being Appreciative: We strive to improve health and well-being and peoples’ life experience with Southern Healthcare. We cherish excellence, achievement and professionalism wherever we can find it in everyday things that may enrich people’s lives.

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