Dawlish care home adopts 2 adorable senior cats

A Dawlish care home has adopted two adorable senior cats from a cat rescue charity based in Torbay.

Sefton Hall, adopted Indi and Felix from Hector’s House Cat Rescue, a local charity who rescue cats and often facilitates their adoption. 

The Southern Healthcare care home welcomed the cats last month. Since then, Indi and Felix have been making themselves comfortable at the care home.

Senior administrator Alison Adair says: “We adopted two beautiful senior cats from Hector’s House. Indi is about eight years old. She is a very friendly, gentle cat who loves attention from the staff. She has just started venturing out of her room at night when she follows the carers around the home.”

Alison continues: “Felix is 16 years old. He was found early in the year having sustained injuries, probably from being hit by a car, at some point in the past. His bones had set in their injured positions, so he has a wonky back leg and a broken sternum, but he’s a gorgeous boy who loves company.”

A select few residents have met Indi and Felix because staff wanted them to settle into the home before they were introduced to everyone. 

Hectors House rescue cats from all over Devon, predominantly working with stray cats, who through no fault of their own, are often not easy to house.

A spokesperson for the charity says: “Hector’s House is formed of volunteers, who have experience working with cat rescues, but have a passion for the strays. In Devon especially, there are some great local charities, who do amazing work to help all animals who need it. Unfortunately, because of the huge demand for these charities, strays can sometimes fall through the gap. Our aim is to help those cats that no one else can.”

Volunteers at the charity are called out day and night to check cats who have been straying or are injured. 

This year, Sefton Hall will be donating any funds raised at the care home to Hector’s House.
To find out more information about adopting a cat or to donate money to the charity visit www.hectorshousecatrescue.co.uk