About Southern Healthcare

Southern Healthcare was established in 2001 by Geoffrey Cox, with a vision of enhancing the quality of life people experience in Residential homes to one that is evidently holistic, individually focussed and most of all, built on a sense of family, working in partnership and building meaningful relationships between staff, residents and relatives.

There are a number of new and innovative models of care which have been developed to surpass historical expectations, often citing a long established medically focussed approach to care, as distinct from focussing on what people individually and subjectively seek. Modern regulation has been effective and takes a robust approach to monitoring high standards of care, safety and innovation.

Beyond that, the ‘Butterfly model’ of care as developed by Dr David Sheard, takes a robust ‘feelings based approach’ to supporting people, and this requires a clearly shared vision, strong commitment and a determined approach to continuing cultural innovation. This has been an exciting journey and the dementia community at Sefton Hall has been the first of the 4 Homes to attain their Kitemark. This journey is progressing solidly across all the Homes in a phased approach as The Old Rectory has now also achieved this.

The Eden Alternative, developed by Dr Bill Thomas of the U.S.A. is another global initiative introduced into the Homes, and all 4 Homes are validated as Eden Alternative registered Homes, committed to building environments of loving companionship, meaningful and spontaneous activity and environments where everyone is mutually caring in a genuine sense of partnership.The Homes have also been drawing upon on the works principles and thinking of a range of key eminent writers, which led to the development of the Chrysalis programme to implement those ideas.

All these initiative underpin the ethos of the company. This, together with the huge expertise and experience of a number of key staff, make a significant contribution towards building a sense of fulfillment in the life of the people who have made their home with the Southern Healthcare environments.

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