Dementia Care

Specialist Dementia Care in Devon

Our homes in Exeter, Plymouth, Seaton and Dawlish specialise in dementia care and we are continually striving for excellence in this field.

For many years, Southern Healthcare has engaged with some of the leading thinkers in research and innovation in the provision of dementia care. We implement several strategies devised by leading experts, including those developed by the highly regarded Doctor David Sheard from Dementia Care Matters.

Butterfly approach

Staff in our homes have learned to use the Butterfly Approach developed by Professor David Sheard, to great effect. Using a variety of techniques including gentle movements and a soft speaking voice, they are able to communicate quietly and effectively with those who have dementia.

We run training courses for care homes around the UK and our own staff are continually engaging with these programmes to enhance their skills and understanding. The courses focus on practical psychology; the principles of leadership and most important of all, the building of meaningful and compassionate relationships.

Kindness is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that our residents are happiest when they are listened to, meaningfully occupied and positively engaged.

resident sat outside

Homes, not places of care

We aim to make our homes homely, rather than just places of care. The stimulating, supportive environment provided by each of our homes can make a huge difference to someone living with dementia, especially when they might otherwise be in isolation at home or with family carers who may be struggling to meet the complex needs of their loved one.

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