Why choose us

Why choose Southern Healthcare

Why choose us

Life is an emotional journey and human connection is really important to most people. At Southern Healthcare, we share the view caring is more of a vocation engaging the heart and soul than just being about a series of tasks.

Our philosophy is centred on caring for the person holistically within a positive and supportive culture. This involves dedication, caring at an emotional level and sharing a passion for improving the quality of life for everyone living with us.

Creating magic can take phenomenal levels of creativity, knowledge and determination by all involved, and maintaining innovative momentum matters in a fast changing world of dementia and nursing care.

Our chefs produce some wonderful food that can tempt the tastebuds and ensure that everyone enjoys their meals.

The teams in each of our homes work together to ensure that meaningful activities, loving companionship, mixed with spontaneous acts of kindness and fun, are at the forefront of every day.

This is vitally important to us, as we want everyone to enjoy their time with us as much as possible and that means the team, the resident and their family.


We strive to involve the families and friends of our residents in regard to the care of their loved ones.


We include relatives in the planning of trips and events aiming to ensure that our residents will enjoy and cherish their time with us.

Loving Companionship

Our commitment is to build an environment of loving companionship. This helps foster deeper meaningful and close relationships.


The homes practice the wellbeing of residents which is at the core of everything we do.


We strive to maintain continuous and never ending improvement.

Building Trust

For relatives to entrust their loved ones into our care we strive to build confidence, assurance and trust in everything we do.

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