Meaningful Care Matters

Our four Devon care homes have received either an excellent or outstanding rating following audits by a national care organisation with a focus on relationship-centred cultures of care.

Southern Healthcare homes in Exeter, Dawlish, Plymouth, and Seaton were visited by auditors from Meaningful Care Matters (MCM) who assessed the staffs’ interactions with residents, as well as the care homes’ environments and the level of care given.

Founded in 2019, MCM aims to change the culture of care by ensuring people have purpose, are empowered to be themselves and have meaningful relationships within their care setting.

Southern Healthcare CEO Geoffrey Cox commented: “The teams at all the care homes work tirelessly to provide a high level of care for the residents, both in terms of their physical needs and their wellbeing. The feedback from the MCM auditors was excellent and the reports are a positive springboard in our continuing endeavours to provide high quality care where the residents are at the centre of everything we do.”

The thorough audits reviewed care plans, the care home environments, as well as interviewing staff and residents about their experience of living or working at each of the care homes.  

Parkwood House in the Devonport area of Plymouth received the highest ‘Level One’, outstanding rating for their approach to care by Meaningful Care Matters, who said the team put “wellbeing at the heart of everything”.

Auditor, Sally Knocker said: “It didn’t take long after the start of my observation in Parkwood House to really feel the magic and distinctiveness that I have come to associate with a Butterfly Home. Last year’s observation revealed really good care in a family like environment, but this years’ experience was elevated by a sense of a genuine whole team approach to putting social and emotional wellbeing at the heart of everything that happens in the day.”

The Old Rectory in Exeter, Sefton Hall in Dawlish and The Seaton in Seaton were all rated excellent. The Old Rectory care home manager Kerry Dempsey said: “We encourage people to be themselves and express their individuality. We do our best to facilitate this by promoting choice when people are deciding what to wear, what they’d like to eat and what they’d like to spend their time doing. We also encourage people to help around the home by setting tables and collecting dishes. By doing these basic tasks, the residents can feel like they are doing something meaningful and productive.”

Sefton Hall’s care home manager Gabriela Ogreanu was recognised for her leadership skills which auditors said are ‘second to none’. The auditors also commented on the number of ‘nice’ interactions between staff and residents at The Seaton.