Respite/ Short Term Care

Respite & Short Term Care in Devon


Many people are successfully supported at home and often with complex needs. However, sometimes these arrangements need supplementing with a short-term period of 24/7 care and support within a nursing home.

Southern Healthcare provides a range of respite and short term care services in Devon to complement home care. We also offer a supportive environment for one, two or more weeks to meet specific objectives and support ongoing independent living.

Circumstances where respite and short term care may be needed might include the unexpected onset of illness or situations that home care arrangements are unable to support. Sometimes, it is essential to give carers at home a break from what can be a very full time caring role. Or, if other circumstances arise for either a resident or family carer.

Residents needs, preferences and objectives are assessed, and a plan is put into place to ensure that these are met. Residents are able to choose whether they wish to be involved in the day – to -day activities within the homes. 

Everyone is warmly welcomed into the home and will be well looked after by a kind, understanding, and skilled caring team who will make their stay a heartfelt and successful one.