Sefton Hall launches Toddler Group

Sefton Hall’s new Toddler Group has been running for a few weeks now – and continues to go from strength to strength.

The free group takes place every Wednesday Morning from 10 until 11.30 am in our lovely, purpose-built Forget-Me-Not Café.

The group offers supervised play, music, games and refreshments to young children, their older siblings, and parents/carers, and will run throughout the year, including the school holidays. And some of our residents have been coming over to join in with the fun.

The café is situated in our tranquil gardens and has been designed for community use. It was opened last summer by the Mayor of Dawlish, Rosie Dawson.

For many elderly people, particularly those living alone or in care homes, encounters with small children can bring a renewed sense of purpose and joy. The innocence, curiosity and boundless energy of young children serve as a source of light, lifting spirits and dispelling feelings of loneliness or isolation that often come with old age.

Such interactions also provide valuable cognitive stimulation for older adults, helping to keep their minds active and alert. Furthermore, the presence of children can evoke cherished memories from the past, prompting storytelling and reminiscence. Lisa Burge, Sefton Hall’s Social Care Co-Ordinator, says: “The group is a wonderful way of giving back to the town as well as being beneficial to the physical and mental health of our residents, who are encouraged to visit. It has been great to see people who have never met before, making connections. We have obtained all the toys and equipment from Hand Me Down, Dawlish, a free, upcycling group, so there is no cost and zero waste. We look forward to doing more activities outside as the weather improves.”