The Seaton celebrates Valentine’s Day in style.

Valentine’s Day can be a sad time when one partner is in a care home, so staff at The Seaton decided to ease the heartache by arranging a romantic celebration enabling couples to share a special meal together. The dining rooms were decorated with hearts and flowers to set the mood.

Home Administration Manager, Kelly Boweren, says: “We invited those with spouses to have a private dinner together and our other residents enjoyed a group meal. Everyone was presented with roses and chocolates. We served a roast beef dinner with a gorgeous, heart-shaped strawberry pudding. We had some lovely feedback, with one couple saying they were truly overwhelmed it had been such a memorable day.”

Saint Valentine was a third century Roman saint, who was martyred for his beliefs. His festival is commemorated in western Christianity on the 14th of February and in eastern orthodoxy on July 6th. From the Middle Ages, he has been associated with a tradition of courtly love.

The traditions of Valentine’s Day are thought to have started in this country in the 14th century with lovers exchanging gifts and letters.

A recent survey by Food Hamper showed that 80 per cent of people in a relationship celebrate the occasion, with men more likely to be disappointed if they do not do something special to mark the day.

In the UK, forty per cent of people send a card to their loved one, seventeen per cent will indulge them with chocolate, fourteen per cent will go out for a romantic meal and seven per cent will send flowers.

It is estimated that the average person will have spent £50.00 on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, which is worth over a billion pounds to the economy.