Young and old share joyful moments at The Seaton

Youngsters from an east Devon nursery have been enjoying creative activities with residents at The Seaton.

Home manager, Emma Seal, says: “We have formed a joyful connection with the Puffins Pre School-Group from neighbouring village, Beer. When the children visit, they bring with them cheer. We enjoy doing art projects or baking with them and both parties get so much out of these sessions. We hope to see many more during the year.”

Puffins is a community group that provides day care and pre-school education for children aged two to five years. It is a registered charity, managed by a parent committee.

Numerous research studies show that engaging with small children can bring many physical and mental health benefits to older adults. While senior citizens offer a wealth of life experience, knowledge and wisdom, children bring fresh perspectives, uninhibited curiosity, and a thirst for knowledge.

Through their interactions, both groups have the opportunity to learn from one another, bridging the generation gap and cultivating mutual understanding and respect.

The presence of young children can evoke cherished memories from the past, prompting storytelling and reminiscence that enriches the lives of both parties.

Perhaps, most importantly, interactions with small children provide elderly individuals with a profound sense of emotional support and nurturing bonds.

The unconditional love, acceptance and affection offered by children can work wonders for older people, fostering a sense of belonging and significance in their lives.

Whether it’s a comforting hug, a heartfelt conversation or a shared moment of tenderness, these connections are testament to the timeless power of human connection.

Through their interactions, care home residents find renewed purpose, cognitive stimulation, physical  vitality and emotional support, while children benefit from the wisdom and companionship of those who truly delight in their company.