Frequently asked questions that we have received and our answers:

My Mother has more than one condition along with her dementia, will this be a problem?

No, not at all. All of our Homes cater for people with multiple conditions.

My Father can sometimes be challenging to others; will this be a problem for you? And what approach do you have for behavioural difficulties?

We are always guided by experienced and qualified staff, whether our own, or other professionals. Our team are fully aware of how to divert awkward moments, and this isn’t usually a problem for us.

My Aunt has diabetes and many other conditions associated with it, will this be a problem?

We are very familiar with complex care and in particular long term health conditions and manage it with your full involvement and satisfaction.

My Father needs to go to the Out Patient Department during the week, will this be OK?

Often people need to go out during the week and this is very usual for some residents, and we can also assist by ensuring a member of staff accompanies the resident.

My Mum only feels comfortable with female care staff but I see you have male staff too, what will happen?

We will ensure that mum will always be assisted by a female care member whom she is happy with, and that the whole team are aware of this.

My Mum wants to continue with her art work whilst being in the Home, will this be possible?

This would always be encouraged at whatever time she wants to contribute to her artistic flair.

Can my Father have his hair cut regularly, and be visited by the podiatrist?

A visiting hairdresser and podiatrist regularly come to the Homes, and would be happy to help with this wish.

Will my Mum’s dignity be preserved at all times?

Yes, all staff have extensive training regarding the importance of dignity and respect. This process starts right at the recruitment stage, ensuring that the right people are brought into Southern Healthcare.

How do care home fees work?

Quite often, regardless of how a person is paying for care, one can choose the care home one prefers. The vast majority of care homes are run by independent companies. It is not unusual for the majority of residents within homes to have either all or a proportion of their fee paid for by their local authority.
You should be able to choose your preferred home that provides the kind of care you need. If the local authority is contributing to your fees, you should still be able to choose a home that provides the kind of care you need.

What training do you provide for your staff?

We have a continual training programme that runs through the year, not only addressing the more mandatory areas, but also the more philosophical message that we ensure our staff are familiar with.

Can my Mum keep her GP?

Yes you can. We also have our own local GP’s that come into the Homes at least weekly and who are very familiar with the residents, develop lasting relationships with them, and who liaise directly to the staff to optimise care at all levels.

Is smoking allowed within the Home?

There are designated smoking areas available at all of the Homes.

How many Homes should I visit?

Ideally you should visit as many Homes as possible so that you can make comparisons and find the right home for you/your loved one.

Why should I visit a care home?

We would encourage you to visit at any time to get a true feel of the home.

What do I need to look for when visiting a home?

It is sometimes hard to remember all the things you want to ask when visiting a care home. A list can be used as a guide to prompt you. You should ask about areas that you feel are most vital for your relative’s wellbeing and your own concerns, if you have any.

What is expected of me as a relative, by the Home?

We would like you to keep in regular contact with us at the Home, so that we can ensure all is being done for you and your relative, in a way that you would be expecting. We hold quarterly relative meetings and would always be glad of your input, in order for the Home to be run in a truly inclusive way, for the good of our residents.

What are the benefits of respite or day care?

Relatives can have quality time away for the day, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is being well supported within the Home.

What’s available to help me, as a relative?

We can explain about potential benefits and financial support that you may be able to receive and what some of the jargon really means such as CHC, funding banding, assessments and reviews to name a few.